Designed to be the cleanest LNG Terminal


State-of-the-Art Near Zero Emissions Facility

Adjacent to an Abundant Supply of the World's Cleanest Natural Gas

Faster Shipping Routes and Efficient, Sustainable LNG Tankers

World Class Clean Energy Supply

U.S. methane intensity is the lowest in the world, and our supply from APPALACHIA BASIN has the lowest methane intensity of the top U.S. hydrocarbon-producing basins.

U.S. Methane Intensity

Penn LNG Facility Will be 99.84% Carbon Neutral

Liquefaction process eliminates almost all potential emissions through full electric compression

Penn LNG will be supplied by 100% zero carbon electricity, with broad regional infrastructure committed to net zero, and an abundant supply source from Appalachia.

Most of the supply to be certified as Responsibly-Sourced by independent certifiers and pursuing independent certifiers for responsible, low emission liquefaction.

30% Less Time Shipping

Shipping routes from a new terminal in eastern Pennsylvania to Europe will take 3-4 less days to traverse, creating significant savings in transportation costs and emissions associated with the shipping of LNG.

Clean-Powered Carriers Delivering Clean LNG

Shipping from the Penn LNG facility is our buyer's responsibility. Yet, we are confident that the carriers will be the some of the cleanest in the world.

Offtakers in the EU require LNG carriers to be fueled by clean LNG, rather than by diesel or heavy fuel oil, delivering a significant reduction in emissions.

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) vs. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)