lng is simply natural gas, cooled to its liquid form


As a liquid, natural gas can be shipped to wherever it’s needed in the world.

Natural gas is shipped safely and cost effectively in its liquid form

By liquefying natural gas to 1/600 of its gaseous size, large amounts of fuel can be transported to places that aren’t reachable by pipeline. To date, LNG ships have safely loaded and sailed more than 100 million miles without any significant incidents.

LNG is not stored under pressure and it is not combustible. If released, LNG rapidly dissipates as natural gas that could only ignite in the presence of a very narrow range of concentration and conditions.

Natural Gas

Why LNG?

Natural gas is a proven environmental winner and is the energy transition we need, now. America's natural gas revolution that began in the early 2000s led to large-scale coal to gas transition that was the single, most impactful emissions reduction tool in the nation – more than all other emissions reductions strategy and initiative combined.

This incredible story, with the transition to natural gas energy as the linchpin, can and should inform a global strategy to significantly reduce emissions and achieve global climate goals while assuring an abundant, reliable and affordable energy source for generations to come.