Franc James

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Franc James is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Penn America Energy Holdings.

Franc’s original proposition was that clean, responsible Marcellus natural gas can provide competitive, low-carbon energy to fuel economic development globally and within Pennsylvania. Today, this proposition is even more valid, as going forward, countries must accelerate a transition-away from coal. Natural gas is the ideal energy dense and transportable solution.

From this idea, Franc formulated and led each aspect of Penn America’s strategy to develop a large-scale, LNG export facility at a suitable location in the Northeastern United States. Franc has driven the Company’s transition from the initial LNG proposition, to the formulation and development of the “proof of concept,” and now, to the funding and execution stage of the project.

Franc’s leadership on all strategic commercial, political and social interactions during the project’s life-cycle has manifested in political support within Pennsylvania and in Washington, attracted a world-class EPC contractor in Bechtel Energy, generated interest from potential LNG customers throughout the world, and created an LNG leadership and management team with recent and successful LNG liquefaction project execution experience - internationally and domestically.

Prior to Penn America, Franc held executive leadership and principal roles in iron ore mining and copper mining businesses in India and Mexico. In these leadership roles, Franc developed NACuMex S.A. de C.V. (copper) and United Group Holdings (Far East) Pvt Ltd. (iron ore) into integrated mining and processing businesses with customers in North America and Asia.